Art now occupies a prominent place in casinos, because beyond the simple entertainment offered through slot machines and table games, there are also artistic attractions. Indeed, among the places where you can play casino online mobile malaysia your favorite casino games, some also have impressive collections of art, capable of making your stay even more pleasant. This can be mosaics, paintings, sculptures, or even wall frescoes that give an attractive appearance to the establishment. These collections of art galleries can even teach you a little more about the history of the casino as well as the city where it is located. If you want to discover all this, we suggest you discover here some of the casinos with superb galleries.

The Casino D’aix

The D’Aix casino in France attracts by its underground parking lot lit by a yellow light, with wall decorations that recall works of art from the old Egyptian civilization. To achieve such a result, the owners of this establishment called upon the expertise of the École d’Art de Chambéry, which is renowned for its always successful paintings. On the other hand, the casino combines decor with the art of cheating in games with a classic painting of Marie de Medici keeping the cards in her hands.

The Boulou Casino

This casino belonging to the French casino group JOA was inspired by the Segrada Familia, a Spanish work of art by the architect Antoni Gaudi, to offer its visitors the most attractive decor. It is in the games room that you can discover the wonder of Gaudi, in particular through a bar made in the manner of architecture located in Barcelona and stained glass windows that typically recall the play of light of the Segrada Familia. This beautiful work attracts curious visitors from around the world each year who appreciate the Spanish-inspired decor while earning winnings on slot machines as well as roulette and blackjack tables.

The Casino Du Lac-Leamy

Located in Canada, the Lac-Leamy casino is undoubtedly one of the most visited gaming establishments in North America not only for its games, but also and above all for its physical structure which attracts at first sight. There are a total of 60 sculptures and paintings hanging on the walls of hotel rooms and games rooms. You can discover a Morriseau, a Riopelle as well as sculptures mounted by renowned contemporary artists like David Altmedj. It must be said that this establishment operated by the Quebec company Loto-Quebec offers a superb view at the entrance to the city of Ottawa.

The Casino Monte-Carlo

With its architecture with well-defined curves, its paintings and its murals presented in the games room, the Monte-Carlo Casino is the establishment that should be avoided at all costs if you are in love with art. Not long ago, the casino, under the direction of the Bains de Mer company, opted for new decor by creating a room called Let’s Fall in Diamonds, which is decorated in a very modern artistic style. In this room, you can have tea while admiring the furniture and the walls, which are all coated with red and white diamonds. The room creates a camouflage effect that makes you want to stay there. This work of art was imagined by artist Charles Kaisin.

The Venitian

It is impossible to talk about casinos with the most beautiful artistic decorations without mentioning The Venitian, which is erected in the world capital of casino games. It is indeed the casino of the Las Vegas region, which is inspired by the city of Venice located in the north of Italy. If you go to this establishment, you will really believe you are in Venice since it typically offers what is and is done in this Italian city. To move around, visitors use gondolas, just like in Venice. All works of art also relate to the city.

Casinos And Art

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