5 States That Have Legalized Online
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Washington, DC and West Virginia legalized
sports betting
As of April 2019, Washington, DC and West Virginia have legalized sports betting.
The state lottery runs a sports wagering website and app. The state also made a
move to legalize esports betting. Despite the hurdles, sports betting has become a
popular pastime in the region.
Maryland voters approved sports betting through
a referendum
The Maryland voters have approved sports betting through a referendum. The
referendum passed by a wide margin, and the state is now set to begin regulating
and taxing sports betting. The revenues generated by sports betting will go toward
K-12 public education. But before sports betting can open in Maryland, the state
legislature must pass a number of rules and regulations.
Colorado legalized sports betting
The state of Colorado has made the first step toward legalizing sports betting. The
Division of Gaming has set up five stakeholder meetings to discuss various topics,
including general rules, integrity, and technology. These meetings are a great
chance to gather input from local municipalities and prospective operators. Rep.
Garnett, the bill’s sponsor, presented the bill to the general assembly. It is a
significant step toward removing the federal government’s effective monopoly over
sports wagering and giving states the right to legalize the activity.
Supreme Court likely to rule states can allow sports betting
New York legalized sports betting
In 2013, New York legalized sports betting at commercial casinos. By July of this
year, the state’s first sportsbooks opened, more than a year after the federal ban
was lifted. In early 2021, lawmakers approved online sports betting as part of a state
budget bill. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill in April, and nine months later,
it joined retail betting as a legal option in the state.
Illinois legalized sports betting
Earlier this year, Illinois legalized sports betting, and a handful of sportsbooks have
popped up in the state. Caesars Sportsbook Illinois, BetMGM, and BetRivers are
among the sportsbooks available to Illinois residents. Until recently, the only way to
place a bet on sports was to visit a brick-and-mortar casino. However, that
requirement was subsequently eliminated by Governor J.B. Pritzker in an effort to
make the state’s sports betting industry more accessible. The new law also allowed
existing sportsbooks in Illinois to become hybrid operators.
Indiana legalized retail sportsbooks in September
The opening of retail sportsbooks in Indiana is one of the biggest stories in the state.
After all, the state is just one of 13 that have legalized sports wagering following the
Supreme Court’s decision in June 2018 to declare PASPA unconstitutional. However,
the state isn’t yet fully legalized, and there are still many hurdles to overcome
before the industry can be fully realized.
5 States That Have Legalized Online Betting

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